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About Cohousing


Cohousing communities consist of private, fully-equipped dwellings and extensive common amenities, including a common house and recreation areas. This balance of privacy and community makes cohousing neighborhoods a place in which many different kinds of people thrive. The combination of social systems and physical design makes it easier for people to create supportive relationships, use less energy and resources, and have more fun!



The common house is the very heart of a cohousing community. It provides a place for community activities such as common dinners, and numerous other organized formal and informal activities. Children often gather in the common house after school, making childcare simple and seamless for busy parents. Far fewer lawn mowers are needed and maintenance tasks are divided. Community meals and food co-op deliveries reduce shopping needs. By combining resources, everyone has more time, energy, and fulfillment in their daily lives.



One of the most important aspects of cohousing is that it makes it easy to use fewer resources while at the same time having a better quality of life. It is documented that people living in community drive, buy and waste less.


Before a cohousing community is built, careful consideration is given to the local climate and daylight, building materials, optimizing solar orientation, and more, to make our buildings highly energy efficient. (In fact, many cohousing homes are 30% more energy efficient than California requirements, before considering solar). It's easier to have a smaller footprint when you live in community! 



Cohousing neighborhoods are designed by future residents, making each community unique to the values and goals of their residents.  


We are still determining the amenities we will offer, but many communities include features such as garden spaces, guest rooms and event spaces, shared work areas, solar panels, EV chargers and so much more. 


If you've been considering joining our community, we encourage you to do so today so that you can be part of our design process! 

Cohousing Creates a Community Where...

  • Children go out their door and play with friends in a safe environment (the space is designed with cars on the periphery and people on the interior)

  • Adults interact frequently (e.g., recurring dinners) without having to arrange times to meet

  • Neighbors know each other and provide a support system in times of need

  • People share things like lawn mowers, tools and other supplies in order to reduce costs and the amount of material items

  • Residents do not necessarily share the same ideologies, other than a desire to be a part of a community that knows and supports their neighbors.

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